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Catacylsm preparation

Klausie, Oct 26, 10 4:57 PM.
We decided to start preparing for Cataclysm 10 man raiding. To do this we had to disband Trauma, and have a new start.

Our core group, and players who had the best performance, was invited to join our new 10 man guild 'Starbucks'
Our goal will be to complete everything Cataclysm has to offer.

Thanks for the memories Trauma.

You can find us at -

Proffessor Heroic Down

NatibrosGM, Oct 3, 10 8:05 PM.
After weeks of wiping we finally did it!! 

Professor Putricide 25m heroic hit the ground! We had some awesome nights and awesome drama.
'' DONT LIE TO ME '' '' no no no no no no NO NO NO NO '

Now we will focus on Sindragosa 25 heroic before we give achievements a shot or 20. 

We are still looking for a mage, lock and a enh shaman for our 25man team!

PP Heroic Down

NatibrosGM, Oct 3, 10 7:59 PM.


Klausie, Sep 15, 10 4:35 PM.
After many intesive weeks of farming, we finally forged it! Shadowmourne completed.

The proud wearer of Shadowmourne Uncheerful obviously went insane on vent! '' OH MY GOD GUYS I FEEL LIKE KING KONG IN MY ROOM''

Anyways congrats to Uncheerful!

Stay tuned for more progression, to update ya, Had some more attempt on PP. Few 1% wipes. Gettin there!


Current Recruitment Needs

NatibrosGM, Sep 7, 10 11:57 PM.
1 Tank (DK/Warrior/Druid)
1 Hunter MM
1 Holy Priest 
1 Resto Druid

Were always considering exceptional players so feel free to apply!

Glory of the Icecrown raider (10 man) done

Klausie, Aug 31, 10 4:58 PM.
So we noticed we didnt have the ICC drakes, and ofcourse we had to do something about that! So...

3 weeks ago we started working on the heroics, that went pretty smooth, the only boss that gave us slight problems was Sindragosa, which went down ''flawless'' when we sorted the tactics abit! When taht was done we worked on the meta achievements for the drake.
All you can eat and Full house was the onlyones that gave us some wipes, but we got it sorted pretty well after some nice communication!

I'd rather have an empty house! 

On the 10 man nights we will now focus on getting some players the mount, that misses some achievements. Poor Pum, he got overrun by a train so he wasnt there for some of the achieves. And his brain has been decreased so sadly we have to leave him out. 

After getting the noobs theyre mounts we will start progressing on Lich King 10 man heroic!

We do still want a warlock for our 25man team aswell - 9/12 25 heroic.

Trauma Progression

NatibrosGM, Aug 29, 10 10:49 AM.
So Far Trauma Has Killed:

12/12 Icecrown Citadel Normal 25 and 10
9/12 Icecrown Citadel Heroic 25
11/12 Icecrown Citadel Heroic 10
12/12 icecrown Citadel 10

Were Currently Recruiting 1 Disc Priest 1 Exeptional DPS.

We Raid Wednesday Monday and Tuesday. 8 - 11:30/12
Want to raid and keep your social life?
Want Good progression?
Want a Steady Guild for Cataclysm?

Then Apply and join our Team!

Lady Gaga 25 heroic down!

Klausie, Aug 18, 10 4:10 PM.
After a nice week of raiding last week, we decided to go have some progress on Lady Deathwhisper. After a few nice tries and a little bit of changing on tactics and ofc the nerdscreams ''MOVE FROM GHOSTS!!!!''   ''L2 CC!'' we finally killed her.

Maybe Lady Gaga didnt think we could play Poker, but we definatly could!

9/12 heroic 25 man
Heroic: Storming the Citadel (25 player) done

Stay tuned.

Xo Xo Trauma

Festergut 25 man HC

Officer Anieta, Aug 17, 10 4:35 AM.

Festergut heroic down

Klausie, Aug 11, 10 5:52 PM.
After last weeks nice progression we decided to continue today. With succes, we got Festergut down.

Also we did have a awesome raiding night! we cleared ICC25 in one night with 8 boeeses including on heroic! 

Thanks to all included for a awesome raiding night!

8/12 ICC25 heroic!

Our next goal is now Lady Gaga! Stay tuned!

Heroic: the crimsom halls 25

Klausie, Aug 10, 10 5:34 PM.
We decided to put some time into princess and Queen heroic.

Prince was 2 shotted with nice cordination and teamplay but BQL wanted to give us some Vampire nightmares. We got her down in the end.

7/12 ICC25 heroic

Ignore the date on that picture.

Heroic progress

Klausie, Aug 9, 10 7:06 PM.
Told you to stay tuned for more progression. And that's exactly what we did tonight. 

Our first stop was at Candybringer Saurfang. On our first go we got him to about 10% then a mark died, which resulted in a wipe. After some discussion and great team work he went smoothly down on the second go. '' HEAL THOSE MARKS, FFS'' 

After Saurfang we did Plaugeworks with no problems with Rotface on heroic as allways, and some attempts on festergut, which was followed by Professor. - Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion... (25 player) done

That wasnt enough, we decided to go do Dreamwalker heroic aswell. Which went down on the 4th go after some good cordination between the portal healers.

- Saurang 25man heroic down
- Dreamwalker 25 man heroic done.

Our next goals will be festergut, princess and queen. Stay tuned!

5/12 icc25 heroic.

Halion 25 Man Down!

Officer Anieta, Aug 3, 10 11:22 AM.
Monday 2nd August, We went into Ryby Sanctum expecting Wipe after wipe, but we all suprised ourselfs with a complete 1shot.... Good work Guys.


Trauma progressing

Klausie, Aug 2, 10 2:38 PM.
After one awesome week of raiding Trauma has had alot of progress.

On wednesday we went into ICC25, with the goal of gettin 11/12 down. This ended with us gettin 12/12 icc25 and 3/12 in heroic. 1 shot zergeface heroic. We want to thank everyone who put alot of effort in on wednesday and staying later for the LK kill. Which was 2 shotted. Nerdrages on vent included! Grats all with the awesome ICC progress.

But it didnt stop here. On monday we went into Ruby Sanctum 25 and 1 shotted that aswell. Shit trinkets, but w/e! Progress is progress. Happy land and Sad land was awesome. Naziboss is good at renaming shiz. Anyways guys, good job this week!

Now we will focus on heroic25 man ICC. So stay tuned for more progress from Trauma.

We are still looking for 1 shadow priesrt to help us progress in ICC25 hc.

Trauma staff.

Currently Recruiting

NatibrosGM, Jul 28, 10 10:19 PM.
At the moment were looking for:

1 Shadow Priest.

Lich King 25 Down!!

NatibrosGM, Jul 28, 10 10:17 PM.
Anieta forgot to Record the kill so we have this little vid to remind us!

Lich King 25 Down!!

NatibrosGM, Jul 28, 10 10:11 PM.
We did it , Lich King 25 Down!!! Gratz all 12/12 in one night of Perfect Raiding!

Sindragosa 25 Man Down!

Officer Anieta, Jul 14, 10 9:40 AM.
Big up for Anieta creating the second song in this video....

We Definitely Poked Her Face!

Officer Anieta, Jul 12, 10 6:37 PM.

Recruitment Open!

NatibrosGM, Jul 8, 10 12:35 AM.
Recruitment Open!

Were currently looking for:

- 1 Holy Paladin
- 1 Hunter
- 1 Warlock
- 1 Death Knight DPS

So-and-so has logged on!